Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy

Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy

When you come to Sojourners Family Resource Center for individual counseling, we join you in a journey of healing, growth, and self-knowledge. We chose Sojourners for our name to represent this experience. A sojourner is a person who travels to a new place, stays (sojourns) for a while, and then continues on his or her way. Your time with us is a sojourn in which your therapist comes alongside you as a companion and guide, and you work together to resolve the issues and heal the wounds that brought you here.

If you are considering counseling, you are likely suffering with some kind of emotional pain, or perhaps you have a sense that something is missing. Maybe you feel the need for some one-to-one guidance to help you handle or change your current situation. Or you are seeking personal growth in some area of your life.

What is individual counseling or psychotherapy?

The goals of individual counseling are to gain self-understanding, as well as develop new skills and tools, all of which will help you in your life journey long after you have finished your work with your therapist. Counseling often refers to working on particular issues for which you are seeking specific help. Psychotherapy often refers to a more open-ended journey of self-discovery.

Why people come to Sojourners for individual therapy

There are as many reasons to seek individual counseling as there are people and circumstances. While, of course, your situation and challenges are unique to you, here are some of the things that have led others to come to Sojourners for therapy:

  • worry, fears, anxiety
  • hopelessness, discouragement, depression
  • problems in a relationship, or frustration with relationships in general
  • concerns about how to care for an aging loved one
  • feeling overwhelmed while going through a life transition, such as divorce, career change, children leaving home…
  • grief and loss
  • career dissatisfaction or job burnout
  • facing a major decision or being at a crossroads in life
  • personal impact of a family member’s problems, their behaviors, or a change in their circumstances

If you are wondering whether individual counseling or psychotherapy will be helpful for you and what you are going through, give us a call at 458-292-4707 for a free phone consultation. We can help you clarify your next step.