About Dr. Avila

Dr. Michael Avila, LMFT

Welcome to Sojourners On-Site Counseling Services. Our vision and mission is to provide counseling and support to older adults and their families in Central Oregon. We will come to your place of residence, whether that is your private home or a senior living residence.

As the Director of Sojourners On-Site Counseling Services, for over 20 years I have served the needs of older adults, as well as the friends and family who care for them. Through the years, I have learned that every person and every situation is unique, yet what many older adults have in common is that they often want to talk about the changes in their lives. Yes, there may be friends and family close by, but conversations with the people closest to us are not always easy. Times of transition may be more emotionally charged than other circumstances which have arisen in the past. With that in mind, older adults and their families will contract with Sojourners to provide in-home or on-site counseling and support.

Older adults have taught me that the changes and challenges of aging are difficult, and that talking with me in a peaceful atmosphere that fosters open conversation and dialogue, allows them to feel more comfortable sharing thoughts, feelings, or even fears about their lives.  Sometimes an older adult will seek my help to learn how to speak up and talk with their friends and family about their challenges and concerns. At other times, older adults and their families will ask me to help them navigate the changes in the roles and responsibilities of family members, such as adult children who may become more involved in the decision-making or direct care of their parent or older adult loved one.

In addition to my work directly with the older adult individual or couple, in many cases it is the family of the older adult who engages my services to consult about changes in their loved one’s circumstances. Sometimes this means I help the family members understand or come to terms with what is happening to their older adult loved one. Often the family and friends themselves are not sure how to manage and navigate the changes and unexpected challenges in the life of an older adult loved one.

If you would like to discuss how I can help and support you and your family, please call me at 541-499-9703.