About Vicki Avila

As my wife and partner, Vicki embodies the richness of the work and mission of Sojourners Family Resource Center. Over the years as a full time practicing psychotherapist herself, she also served as Chief Executive Officer of Sojourners. Her leadership and expertise in business made her work, on countless levels, the very reason for the growth and expansion of Sojourners Family Resource Center.

Although retired from the practice of psychotherapy, she works extensively and exhaustively with women with whom she aligns through the presence of her web site “Pieces of Peace,” heading up a growing network of direct support and resources women throughout the world.  With Vicki you come to discover and explore the countless ways of tapping into the ever-expanding potential and endless possibilities of living a life that opens that doors making it possible to bring all of the pieces of your life, both strong and fragile, together as you discover the place that bring peace within you.