Life Can Change Overnight

We can help navigate the emotional and relationship challenges
that come with transitions in the life of an older adult –
changes in residence, declining health, family conflicts…

Specialized Counseling for Older Adults

We are an on-site resource for older adults to receive
counseling without the need to arrange for
transportation – we come to you!

Adjusting to a New Living Environment

We provide supportive counseling during times of transition
when an older adult is moving to a new living environment,
such as an Independent, Assisted Living, or Long-Term Care Residence

Caring for the Whole Family

There are times when family members also experience the emotional distress created by the necessity of residential transition. Our support services are tailored not just to the older adult, but the loved ones as well.


Sojourners On-Site Counseling Services provides counseling for older adults in their place of residence, whether at home or in a senior living residence. We also offer support and consultation for the families of older adults who are facing challenges and decisions as a result of changes in their older adult loved ones’ health or circumstances. We serve older adults and their families throughout Central Oregon.

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  • Are there parents, loved ones, or friends in your life who are getting older, and going through so many changes you are starting to feel overwhelmed?
  • Are there loved ones in your family facing major changes in life due to concerns about health and the ability to live independently?
  • Are there feelings of emotional distress brought about due to the fact that a loved one can no longer remain in their home without the additional assistance of home health care providers?
  • Are there loved ones for whom a level of care is needed and may require moving out of their home and moving into a Senior Living Residence, such as independent, assisted living, or long term care facility?
  • Does the prospect of working through the many emotional challenges, inevitable tension, stress, conflict, as well as any other transitional issues relating to life changes leave you feeling stuck?


Please know that you are not alone. Dr. Michael Avila, LMFT, Executive Director of Sojourners On-Site Counseling Services, has over 25 years of experience in working with older adults in transition, and the people who care for them.

Dr. Avila’s warm and caring manner, along with his unwavering commitment to supporting older adults and the families who care for and about them, make him the ideal companion for your journey.